Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town and capital of the Croatian kings from the 9th century. The town which exudes with history and glorious tradition.

You are welcome to enjoy a rich cultural heritage offered by small town located in a unique lagoon. Nin is known for its exceptionally preserved monuments and it’s an ideal place for people looking for stories about the culture and history. Coronation church of St. Nicholas and the church of the Holy Cross, popularly called the smallest cathedral in the world, every day delight many visitors of this beautiful town.




Nin is located 14 km north of the county centre Zadar which is easily accessible by car, bus, plane, train or ship.

Excellent motorway infrastructure enables direct connection with all major cities in Croatia, and through Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik with all European cities. A journey to Nin from western European countries mainly includes travelling on motorways which makes it easier to reach the destination quickly and safely. The following links will help you plan your travel:

From the nearby county centre Zadar, which is connected with all major European towns (Ljubljana, Trieste, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Rotterdam etc.) there are excellent inter-city connections by bus. All bus lines will be suitable for visitors travelling to Nin and the bus service runs every hour from Zadar. Reservations and information about tickets can be obtained at:

Should you decide on a faster and more comfortable way of travel, Zadar’s airport in Zemunik is the closest. A small but modern airport which is connected with other Croatian cities and a large number of European airports, especially during the summer season. Visitors coming from more distant places which are not directly connected with Zadar airport can travel via Zagreb airport which is part of the international air-traffic network, and thus linked with all European and world airports. Low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Germanwings, Inter-Sky and Axis Airways enable affordable travel. From the airport you can reach Nin by taxi or via Zadar by local bus. Transfer to your accommodation in Nin from and to the airport can be arranged with hosts.

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The port of Zadar is connected to larger towns along the Adriatic coast by ship, hydrofoils, catamarans and ferry boats. There are following inter-city ferry boat connections: Zadar-Rijeka, Zadar-Dubrovnik and the international ferry boat line Zadar-Ancona. After disembarking in Zadar, local bus or taxi will take you to the royal Croatian town of Nin. Transfer to your accommodation in Nin from the harbour can be arranged with a host. Useful links: