The tourist offer of the town ofNIN

Nin can offer lots of enjoyment in preserved environment, walking along the sandy beaches, cycling on the renewed paths, visit to the Salt Pans park, and exploring rich cultural heritage.

It’s easily accessible whether you are coming by land, sea or air and allows you to go to some of the interesting tourist destinations in the area (Zadar, National Parks: Paklenica, Kornati, Plitvice Lakes and Krka).

The church of St. Nicholas from (11/12th century)

Upon arrival to Nin, in the Prahulje field, there is a coronation church of St. Nicholas from 11/12th century. Discover why the poet Vinko Nikolić called Nin Croatian Bethlehem!

The Church of the Holy Cross (9th century)

Church from the 9th century was built to serve as a sundial and calendar. It belongs to the most important preserved monuments of the early Croatian architecture due to a unique architectural style. It’s a symbol of Zadar region. The English architect Thomas Graham Jackson called this church the smallest cathedral in the world. Look at the video!

3000 years of history

Nin is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean - more than 3000 years old.

The statue of Duke Branimir

An unforgettable experience is at the entrance to the old town where you are welcomed by the statue of Duke Branimir, lower town bridge and an impressive view on the lagoon and Velebit.

Judas silver coin

Treasury of the parish church Gold and silver of Nin keeps valuable ecclesiastical objects, relics and one of Judas silver coins.

The Museum of Nin Antiquities

Museum of Nin Antiquities shows the period of prehistory, Roman times, early Christianity, the early mediaeval period, underwater archaeology, late mediaeval and early modern period.

The statue of the Bishop Gregory of Nin

The work of Ivan Mestrović is the statue of the Bishop Gregory of Nin. According to the belief touching its shiny big toe fulfils the wishes.

The old croatian boat Condura Croatica

Crossing a stone bridge you will enter the heart of the first capital of the Croats. In the sea near the bridge you can see a replica of the old Croatian ship Condura Croatica from the 11th century while the original is kept at the museum. The entrance through the Lower town gates takes you to the old city street Kalelarga.

Sandy beaches

Stroll along magical, long, natural sandy beaches with impressive breath-taking view on the mountain of Velebit - discover the unique Croatian lagoon. Look at the video!

Medicinal mud

Near the Queen's beach visit the largest site of medicinal mud in Croatia, which is used for the treatment of various disorders for over 50 years.

Natural beauty

In the Eco Park Nin's Lagoon biologists have discovered 8 Natura 2000 habitats, rare and endemic plant species and rare and endangered bird species. Look at the video!

The Empire of birds

Ornithologists have discovered more than 200 different bird species. You can undisturbed enjoy observing rare and endangered species such as black-winged stilt and Kentish plover. Look at the video!

Salt Museum

Visit the salt pans, Salt Museum and the House of salt. Get to know the traditional production, the same since the Roman times, buy chocolate with flower of salt and other souvenirs. Learn more:

Festival of Salt

Visit the Salt Museum, House of salt and salt pans with the ornithological park. Get to know the traditional salt production and take part in creative workshops. Look at the video!

Nin's Šokol

Taste authentic Nin's gastronomy product - Nin's Šokol. Look at the video!


The gastronomy and ethno feast.

Romantic night in the most romantic destination in Europe - Nin

Look at the video and find out why Nin is the most romantic destination in the Mediterranean and beyond.

Festival of sand

Look at the video about the festival of sand from 2015

Festival of the Sun and Light

The beauty of the game of light in the St. Cross Church, which with its shape and position represents a sundial and calendar, on the first day of summer holds the unique festival. Look at the video.

The traditional pilgrimage to Our Lady´s island

The appearance of Our Lady of Zečevo, and the traditional pilgrimage to the nearby Island of Zečevo. Look at the video!

The Church Holiday of Our Lady of Zečevo

Every year, at the beginning of May, a large number of pilgrims gather to commemorate the anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady. Look at the video.


– Sea and public beach – 100 m
– Sandy beach – 400 m
– Medicinal mud – therapy – 450 m
– The sacred place Zečevo island, 13 km from Nin
– Grbe village is 2 km from Nin
– Vrsi village is 4 km from Nin
– If you are lucky you will see the dolphins on the island of Vir, 10 km from Nin
– Zaton village is 2 km from Nin
– Privlaka village is 6 km from Nin

We recommend visiting all of them, every place has hidden attractions.

– The old town of Nin – 300 m
– Museum of Nin Antiquities – 300m
– The gold and silver church treasury of Nin-300 m
– The Salt Museum – 600 m

– Camp Zaton and Holiday Resort – 450 m
– Restaurants – 100-300 m
– Small market – 200 m
– A larger market – 300
– Exchange office – 300 m
– Gas station – 1000 m
– Ambulance – 200 m
– Pharmacy – 250 m
– Bank – 300 m
– Bus station – 400 m

– Sports facilities in Zaton Holiday Resort
– Kitesurfing school on the beach Ždrijac / School of hang-gliding on the beach Ždrijac
– 110 km of bicycle paths
– The possibility of walking and running on wooden walkways and trails in the Eco Park Nin’s lagoon
– Fitness center Demos Nin
– Sport center Dvorina

– Bus station in Nin – 400 m
– Bus station Zadar – distance 17 km
– Ferry port Gaženica in Zadar – 20 km (30 minutes by car)
– Airport Zemunik / Zadar – 30 km (35 minutes by car)

– Donkey Farm DAR – MAR (Žerava village) – 10 km
– Cowboy Village Buffalo Bill (Vrsi) – 6 km
– Paintball (Kožino village) – 6 km